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Game Server Rules
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:49:33 AM »
Here you will find the rules for Server Two (Wilderness Two)
 Our rules are subject to change and revision, you will be notified if and when our rules are revised, the number of rules we have is directly proportional to how players abuse the servers or other players, so if you don't want lots of rules (we don't) please play nice.

Please read carefully through the rules, and adhere to them, if everyone adhere's to the rules there should be no problems and everyone gets to have a great time.

If your not sure about a rule just ask, nobody is going to mind.

  • Strictly No PVP! (except inside the PVP Zone)
  • Anyone intentionally ruining another player's gameplay (harassment, abuse etc.) will receive a 24 hour temp ban. A 3rd temp ban will result in a permanent ban.
  • Anyone caught glitching, cheating or using hacks will be thoroughly investigated and most likely banned, the ban information will be shared with the exile server owners community, which may get you banned from other servers!
  • If a dispute arises between players (suspected theft, base / vehicle damage etc.) we may use server logs and admin tools to resolve the dispute.
  • Racist comments will not be tolerated. Keep language spoken in TeamSpeak and written in Side Chat appropriate.
  • We have players from all over the world with all different faiths. Please show respect at all times.
  • If you swear or use unsavoury language in side chat, there is good chance the server will auto kick you, we have ladies playing and they don't want to see bad language in side chat.
  • If you have a problem or issue with another player DO NOT let the situation escalate, come and have a quiet chat with an admin and we'll help you resolve the situation. Taking matters into your own hands may result in yourself earning a ban.
PVP Zone
  • The PVP Zone is the ONLY place on the server that PVP is allowed.
  • When engaging another player you MUST both be inside the PVP Zone.
  • Don't be a dick about it.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • If you don't want to get shot at by other players, stay out of the PVP Zone.
  • You are permitted to loot dead bodies.
  • You are permitted to loot / steal vehicles inside the PVP zone.
  • You are permitted to raid bases built inside the PVP zone.
  • The Enemy base in the PVP zone is fair game, this is the ONLY mission you do not have to mark, you can either work together or not.
  • No Camping.
  • NO Base raiding, do not go into another players base uninvited, do not take any crates, loot or vehicles from a players base unless you are invited to do so.
  • Raiding / attacking / damaging or stealing from any player's base will result in a ban!
  • You may build where ever the server allows you to place a flag providing it does not conflict with Bases rule 4 (if you are not sure please ask an admin).
  • No Base building on roads, in towns, on airfields or major loot locations (Temple ruins, military locations, industrial areas etc.) bases must be at least 500 meters from a Trader, bambi spawn zones, cement mixers or airfields. Bases should not be higher than 30 meters.
  • ONLY 1 FLAG PER PLAYER! Protection money needs to be paid every 30 days. Any player deemed to be abusing this rule i.e only logging in every 30 days to preserve their base but not playing on the server at any other time will have their base deleted, unless they have made prior arrangements with the admins. (we know this sounds harsh but we simply cannot afford the server resources of hosting a monster base that doesn't get used).
  • Do not take any vehicle or its loot that you find on the map if it is lockable, if it can be locked, then it means it is owned by a player (the only exception to this is mission vehicles).
  • You may take any vehicle that cannot be locked as that will be a server spawned vehicle.
  • Deliberately destroying vehicles on the server that do not belong to you just for the sake of it is strictly forbidden.
  • Vehicles left at the traders, airfields or spawn locations when a player is logged off will be dumped in the ocean (locked or unlocked)
  • You can have as many vehicles as you can store in the Virtual Garage, but please be sensible, remember the more vehicles in the database, the harder the server has to work, and the slower it will run, All vehicles should be stored in the Virtual Garage (except boats if you don't have a base near water) when not in use.
  • You may have a maximum of four vehicles (including boats) out of storage on the map per player at any one time.
  • You can now store boats in the virtual garage if your base is near the ocean and your boat is inside your territory, we expect players with bases in such locations to store their boats in the virtual garage when they are not in use or the player is not logged onto the server, this will 1. protect your boat from harm, 2. stop it despawning if it's not used, 3. take some of the load off the server, 4. prevent admins randomly deleting a tonne of boats being left all over the server.
  • The only vehicles we will allow to be stored at airfields are airplanes that require a runway, any other kind of vehicle stored at an airfield when a player is logged off will be deleted, and you may only leave other vehicles at airfields while you are actively playing on the server.
  • Vehicles damaged or destroyed due to player error or player computer connectivity faults will remain the player’s responsibility to repair or replace them. Vehicles that are damaged due to the server faulting will be investigated and replaced. If an Admin can't prove the cause of the incident, they will have the final say on replacing, repairing or not.
  • A server failure that affects all players in game is a valid reason to replace lost vehicles caused by the server failure. Crashes or player deaths resulting from other reasons will be treated as non server related issues and may not result in compensation being made by the Admin.
  • Crafting armed vehicles with the workshop to sell to other players is not forbidden, but is frowned upon and we would prefer you not to (how trust worthy is the new player you are selling that tank or armed heli to? Will they wipe out half of the server while we all sleep?).
  • Missions are claimed on first come basis, this includes loot crates and shipwreck crates. A claim in side chat is ok if you wish, but the official claim is by marking the mission on the map (WHILE IN SIDE CHAT BLUE CHANNEL) with your name. Note: if you are not in side chat BLUE and mark the map, players will not be able to see your mark and your claim will be void!
  • Only mark ONE mission at a time, once completed mark the next mission you wish to do, ideally you should be enroute to the marked mission within 20 minutes!
  • Our server mission system AI does NOT and cannot hack, despite what some players think!
  • Our Admins are Nexiss, Chazman, ShadowDeGrey, Major Stalker & Aps.
  • Admins will assist players as quickly as possible. In order to expedite service, be patient for the Admin in game to respond when they are able to. Venting at, or getting abusive with the Admins will not improve the level of service you are expecting from them, and will probably result in you getting kicked from game or banned..
  • Arma3 Exile is about survival. A major part of that is building your own home or base. That remains each player’s responsibility. Admin's can assist with giving advice, and teach some building techniques, and they are happy to delete objects when the player cannot. Base building takes time and much effort. Admins cannot build it for you due to performing their other duties. Every base is unique. Get creative!
  • Please remember that our admins are normal people just like you, while they do dedicate a lot of time to the server for your enjoyment, free of charge, they do have real lives, families and jobs, so it is not always possible for an admin to be online at the same time as you.
  • We encourage all of our players to use our TeamSpeak server, which can be found at We can create special channels for groups to use privately and for special language needs. Ask an Admin to assist if you need help in TeamSpeak.
  • If we have to shut the server down for maintenance or emergency issues, you will get a five minute warning, if you haven't logged out within the given five minute warning, too bad.
  • On very rare occasions (once so far that I can remember) it may be necessary to shut the server down immediately, for example if we detect a hack that we cannot stop with the anti-Hack system, if this is the case so be it, unfortunately that is the nature of the internet, its better to do an emergency shutdown than to lose the whole server to a hacker.
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